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The Government of Dominica will appoint West Indies cricketers Alick Athanaze and Kavem Hodge as sports ambassadors for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The appointments are in honour of their recent performance as part of the senior men’s West Indies cricket team.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit met with the two sportsmen on Monday, June 26 following their appearance in the One Day International (ODI) series against the United Arab Emirates earlier this month.

Athanaze made a stunning debut for the West Indies, scoring a record-equaling fifty in the third ODI against the hosts on June 9.

Athanaze, the Windward Islands Volcanoes four-day captain, made his first-class debut for the Windward Islands in 2018 and was the leading run scorer in the 2022-2023 Regional Four-Day Competition.  He was also the leading run-scorer of the 2018 Under19 Cricket World Cup.

Hodge made his first-class debut for the Windward Islands in 2012, and was the leading run-scorer in the 2019-2020 Regional Super 50 Tournament for the Windwards. He made his ODI debut in the first ODI against the UAE on June 4, 2023.

Hodge previously played for the St. Lucia Zouks in the Caribbean Premier League.

Prime Minister Skerrit congratulated the two sportsmen and wished them continued success in their cricketing careers.


As Dominica undergoes this year’s Atlantic Hurricane season, shelter management is of critical importance. In order to ensure the safety and security of citizens, the National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) has provided 101 emergency shelters.

“We all know one of the primary functions of disaster risk management is that of saving lives and to a very lesser extent, property, and so if we are talking of life saving shelter management becomes very critical in that regard and so the state has the responsibility to provide the requisite to ensure the safety and security of the citizenry. Hence, the state has provided to the general population 101 emergency shelters for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season,” stated Shelter Coordinator for NEPO, Mr. Glenroy Toussaint.

All community shelters are in full preparedness mode during this Atlantic hurricane season. Shelter managers remain on the alert in the event of possible activation. Shelter teams have met, planned and organized assigned locations.  Shelter locations remain fully prepared and citizens are urged to carry along only necessary basic supplies when the need for occupancy arises. 

“We have put all shelter managers on alert for the possible activation of the shelters. If needs be they are already on the alert, shelter teams are meeting and the meeting is basically to ensure that we prepare the place. So we don’t wait the last minute to prepare the place so that persons can access the shelters as soon as they are activated,” Toussaint stated.

In efforts to safeguard the lives of all citizens the National Emergency Planning Organization advises the general public to make early use of the shelters provided, once they have been activated. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances citizens should refrain from waiting till the last moment to make their way to the shelters.

 “We know there is a lot of anxiety but all we are saying, please, we’re asking and encouraging the general public. Once we have activated the shelters, we are asking people to go to those shelters as soon as possible. Do not wait until you see the gusts of 65 miles per hour and rain of 4 inches or 8 inches and then that’s the time you want to go to the shelters. It may very well be too late and there’s often a saying that goes ‘too late shall be your cry,’ let us not allow too late to be our cry,” he added.


As Tropical Storm Bret gathers strength and approaches Dominica, citizens are being encouraged to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves, their families, and their properties.

At 11am, Tropical Storm Bret was located about 990 miles east south east of Dominica, moving westward at about 21mph or 33kmh. The updated forecast track and intensity is projecting that Bret will proceed more southerly and to cross the Lesser Antilles as a tropical storm. The storm could start affecting the region by Thursday. The Meteorological Office will continue to monitor the development of Tropical Storm Bret.

Minister for National Security, Senator the Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore says while Dominica is not yet under any official watch for the approaching storm, citizens should closely monitor the progress of the storm.

“Over the past few days, the Office of Disaster Management and Met Service have been monitoring a weather system in the central tropical Atlantic which has developed into Tropical Storm Bret at 5pm on Monday the 19th of June 2023. Although there are no watches and warning in effect at this time however it is important to note that islands in the lesser Antilles including Dominica should closely monitor the progress of this system. In this regard Bret is forecasted to strengthen and move across the lesser Antilles as a category one hurricane on late Thursday afternoon into Friday bringing a risk of flooding from heavy rainfall, hurricane force winds and dangerous storm surge and waves,” he stated.

Minister Blackmoore urged citizens to ensure that they have updated hurricane plans in place. citizens were also encouraged to listen to the relevant authorities to stay up to date on the movement of the tropical storm. 

“In this regard residents should closely monitor updates to the forecast for Bret and have hurricane plans in place. Both the Office of Disaster Management and the Met Service have been providing the general public with information and updates on this weather system. Further an emergency meeting was held today with the critical committees of the national emergency planning organization to include the police, fire, health, agriculture utilities shelter supply and met services and reports were heard. The National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) is therefore in a state of readiness,” Hon. Blackmoore explained.

 The National Security Minister reassured citizens that all the relevant institutions are prepared and on alert as the storm progresses.

“The general public is being asked to continue to monitor the progress of this tropical storm and is being encouraged and advised to finalize preparation activities. All emergency services including utility companies are in a state of readiness and have been placed on alert with immediate effect. Additional information will be provided to the general public as time progresses. Again, let me emphasize that we should take this system seriously and embark on our preparation activities,” he added.


Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has called on non-profit organizations around the world to fulfill the commitments made to Small Island Developing States in times of need.

The remarks came during the launch of the build back equal project this week.

The Prime Minister stated that “One woman who is battered is one woman too many and one has to appreciate the implications of these instances to the wider societies and how productive people are being removed from the economic opportunities in our country and so it requires all of our voices, but our voices must be sincere and consistent. Too many times we have organizations which appear only when there’s an instance of domestic violence or abuse and once this incident subsides then we don’t hear from them. We have to be consistent.”

Prime Minister Skerrit also mentioned the importance of working as one region for the safety of all.

“We have to join forces as a nation and not look at things from a partisan standpoint in order for us to either support or not support because at the end of the day we are all citizens of our region, and we need to ensure that we provide support for all our people irrespective of who they are,” the Prime Minister stated.

He welcomed the support of other governments and called on other regions to exercise transparency when engaging with NGO’S.

 “We welcome the support of the Kenyan government, we welcome the support of the UN (United Nation) agencies but we in the region as citizens must have a more profound resolve n addressing these issues which confront us and it requires consistency, sincerity and transparency in our engagement because for me it is not only an ideological and philosophical pursuit but it is also a biblical responsibility,” he noted.

Prime Minister Skerrit emphasized the need for all women in the region to acquire economic independence in order to combat the rate of domestic violence.

 “We have to seek to reach every one of our citizens within our region and to ensure that they are given an opportunity to live independent dignified lives. We have to ensure economic independence of our women so that the rates of domestic violence could be eradicated,” PM Skerrit added.



A new council has been sworn-in to serve on the Atkinson village council.

 Five women were among eight sworn in to serve as the inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday June 7th 2023.

The councilors include Catherine Laurent, Neliscia Louis, Ruth Louis, Muta Matthew, Lyroy Williams, David Graneau, Phillip Rabess and Jernel Sully. Muta Mathew will serve in the capacity of chairperson.

Minister for Finance, Economic development, Climate Resilience and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre called on councilors to honor their oath and to serve the people of their communities well and faithfully.

“Those words should be your motto and guide throughout your term at office. It has been recognized that service to mankind is not easy and it is not going to be smooth sailing for you, but your success will very much be determined by your resolve in the effective and efficient management of difficult situations. You must always remember that no other person has all the ideas and solutions to the problems of the community hence the need for a team approach in dealing with these concerns,” stated Dr. McIntyre.

The Atkinson Village Council was first inaugurated in 1961. Minister for Culture, Youth, Sports and Community Development, Hon. Gretta Roberts congratulated the new team of councilors. She commends them for accepting to build on the foundation set by those who served in the last three years.

“Your success during this term is largely dependent on the level of accountability and transparency that you exhibit in the management of these resources entrusted in your care. Please ensure that you exercise prudence in these community development initiatives put forward by government. So, councilors and residents of Atkinson and Antrizzle lets work together and build a place, a home, a community where every resident can thrive and contribute to the growth of this community,” Minister Roberts urged the councilors.

Establishing a linkage between the Atkinson village council as a local government authority and central government will help promote decentralization and effective communication of community plans. 

 “By entrusting you councilors with decision making powers and allowing you to participate in policy formulation we can enable you to tailor solutions that will suit your specific needs. This decentralization of power promotes citizenship participation, it strengthens democracy and enhances a sense of ownership and responsibility among the local population in the Atkinson community. However, it is important to acknowledge that this linkage is two-way street. Just as local government authorities rely on central government for support and guidance, the central government also depends on local authorities for effective implementation and the execution of policies,” Member of Parliament for the Salybia Constituency, Hon. Cozier Fredrick stated.

Meanwhile, newly sworn-in chairperson, Mrs. Muta Matthew is confident that the council will engage the community in several development plans. In this regard she calls for full support from the people of Atkinson and Antrizzle.

"My community members,” she said “your cooperation is needed to make things happen. My councilors and I are looking forward to having a cordial relationship with our parliamentary representative Honorable Cozier Fredrick and the government of Dominica as we seek to enhance this part of the constituency, Atkinson.”

She reminded the residents on the importance of working together to develop the community in hopes of making it a better place.


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