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Prime Minister of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit will co-chair the first Canada-CARICOM Summit alongside the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, Canada from October 17-19, 2023.

The summit will be held under the theme “Strategic Partners for a Resilient Future,” and will seek to strengthen existing cooperation between Canada and CARICOM member states.

The current CARICOM Chairman will lead his colleague heads of government in discussions on building inclusive and sustainable economies, increasing trade and investment, the fight against climate change and international assistance to address the ongoing political and humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

Leaders will also engage with Canadian business leaders and investors to explore commercial opportunities in the region.

In his absence from the state, Minister for Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre will serve as acting Prime Minister.


Newly sworn in President of Dominica, Her Excellency Sylvanie Burton says one of her priorities is confronting the issue of the domestic violence in dominica. 

President Burton was officially sworn in on Monday October 2 at the State House, one day after receiving the Dominica Award Of Honour.

During her first address as president of Dominica, Her Excellency Burton stated she will continue to be a voice for the vulnerable in society.

“One of academic training is in poverty alleviation. One of the negative consequences of poverty is the violence perpetrated against women and children, and this is an area that I have worked in over several years. I will continue to be a voice for those women and children in our community who are being violated abused and exploited. I intend to use my office to do everything that I can, to make our community one that is enlightened in its approach to resolving the issues facing our vulnerable citizens,” President Burton stated.

Her Excellency Burton stated that she will not only speak on behalf of the country’s women and children but also the young men.

“It is not only women and girls that I am referring to, because even though the issues may not be the same, our young men are equally vulnerable. This is reflected in both the enrollment numbers and the graduation numbers for the Dominica State College. This school year, 1,524 students enrolled, of that number 1,027 are female and 497 are male, and in two days, 354 students will graduate from the state college, of which 257 are female and 97 are male. The percentage is 73% female to 27% male attending and graduating from this institution,” Her Excellency Burton noted.

President Burton noted that if Dominica is to grow further as a nation, the country’s young men must be included in its development.

“This trend, ladies and gentlemen, is not sustainable if we are to achieve our full potential as a nation and will only change with targeted intervention. I believe that this disparity in the education of our young men may be directly related to the increasing disregard for the rule of law. This is a challenge that is being face d by even some of the oldest and most advanced democracies in the world. We are a very young nation and the rule of law is critically important to the stability of our fragile democracy. We cannot and must not allow a few elements in our society to threaten the peace and safety of our citizens and negatively impact our reputation as one of the safest places in the world to live,” President Burton added.


On October 11 2023, the Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security has signed a grant agreement with the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF), to provide five hundred and fifty eight thousand US Dollars for the development of the Champagne Beach Facility. 

Chief Executive Officer of the CDF, Mr. Rodinold Soomer says they are pleased to support this project that will improve the champagne beach facility in Dominica.

“The agreement that we are signing today, for an amount in grant to the government of Dominica of five hundred and fifty eight thousand us dollars which is approximately 1.5 million EC dollars for the upgrade of the Champagne Beach Facility,” he stated.

Mr. Soomer spoke to the reasons for the CDF’s investment in the tourism sector of OECS countries.

“The CDF has been asked by the member states to provide a number of support in sectoral and thematic areas. While tourism is not necessarily mentioned as a sector of interest we have been doing a lot of work in tourism particularly in the OECS countries. Because as we seek to address these circumstances of disadvantage, it actually makes sense from a developmental perspective to flip the narrative and not just to consider disadvantages but to support the countries in the sectors in which they have comparative advantage. So this is the first fundamental reason why we’ve focused so much on tourism as a sector for intervention for support to the OECS including Dominica,” Mr. Soomer explained.

A number of the requirements for project funding were met by Dominica’s proposal to improve the champagne beach facility in addition to the potential of its natural attractions. 

“One of the thematic areas that we consider in accordance with our agreement is infrastructure development and another is business development and enterprise competitiveness. So this project allows us to pursue our objectives and respond to the mandate given to us by the community in these areas while providing support to Dominica in upgrading its tourism product. Another important dimension of this we believe is that when you have attractions that have world class potential, what you do when you upgrade these attractions you improve the competitiveness of the industry in question in this case tourism. And of particular relevance to the CSME you improve the attractiveness for interregional travel as well which is clearly in support of greater regional integration,” he added.

Minister of Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre says Champagne Beach is symbolic of the innate potential of Dominica. He described the signing agreement ceremony as testament of the government’s commitment to develop Dominica. 

“Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of Dominica’s tourism and development. We have gathered here as a testament to our shared commitment to develop our beloved Dominica and its promise as a premier tourism destination in the Caribbean. I would like to say a special thanks to the CARICOM Development Fund for their support to Dominica’s quest to become the world’s first climate resilient country. Today’s signing are another stride in that direction. Champagne beach with its unique volcanic springs and marine life is not just a natural wonder it’s a symbol of Dominica’s untapped potential. While it has been a sought after location for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world, some further enhancements are required for champagne beach to truly shine,” Dr. McIntyre stated.

Dr.  McIntyre announced the developments that will form part of the rehabilitation project of Champagne Beach.

“The new Champagne Beach Facility will include a basement reception area, with vending units, changing rooms, lockers, spa services, and a lookout point. The lower level will be equipped with a restaurant and bar with washrooms, open space, dining, recreation and entertainment. This will not only enhance the visitor experience but will generate employment opportunities for the construction phase to the operation phase. It will open doors for our local entrepreneurs. Space is dedicated to art. Crafts and culinary delight will also allow our talented Dominicans to showcase their skills and contribute to our vibrant tourism ecosystem,” the Minister noted.

Dr. McIntyre noted that the development will be aligned with environmental protection principles.

“As we embark on this journey we pledge to adhere to the environmentally friendly practices to ensure the natural beauty remains untouched. Ladies and gentlemen, it fills me with immense pride to be part of this historic moment. This milestone serves as a promise to our future generations and we are committed to creating a Dominica that is resilient, prosperous and forward thinking,” Dr. McIntyre added.

CDF was established in 2008, to provide financial or technical assistance to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors in the Caribbean Community.




Mrs. Sylvanie Burton took the oath of office as Dominica’s tenth President on Monday the second day of October 2023.

During the swearing in ceremony which took place at the State House Conference Centre Mrs Burton succeeded his Excellency Charles A. Savarin who ended his second term as president this month. 

The oath of office was administered by her ladyship, the Hon. Justice Jacqueline Josiah-Graham, High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

“I Sylvanie Burton do swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the Commonwealth of Dominica without fair or favor, affection or ill will, and that in the execution of the functions of that office, I will honor, uphold and preserve the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica, so help me God,”| President Burton pledged.

Addressing the Nation for the first time as the first female and Kalinago President Her Excellency Mrs. Sylvanie Burton said she was honored to accept this sacred duty of President.   

“I did not ask for this great honor, I did not aspire to it; I did not even dream of it. However Proverbs 19:21 tells us ‘Many are the plans in a person’s hear but It is the Lord’s purpose that prevails’. I believe we can all agree that this act of Parliament is historic, monumental and consequential for us as a nation and for my indigenous sisters and brothers all over the world,” she stated.

Her Excellency Burton added that she humbled by this opportunity.

“I stand here humbled by this honor, to serve my country in the capacity OF President something that only a few days ago I could have never imagined or d dreamed about I am grateful to Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit and his Government for the trust and confidence that they have placed in me. I thank His Excellency Charles A. Savarin, his wife and his family fort their enormous service to our country, not only for the past ten years as President but for the decades that they have served and sacrificed to make Dominica a more just, equitable and prosperous nation,” President Burton noted.



Dominica’s most vibrant and patriotic season of celebrations has officially commenced with the opening of independence 2023 on September 30.

Dominica achieved full independence on November 3, 1978 and will recognize its 45th anniversary of independence under the theme, “Anou Selebwe” meaning “Let Us Celebrate.”

Minister for Culture, Youth, Sports And Community Development, Hon. Gretta Roberts highlights the significance of this year’s theme.

“This year’s independence theme is simple in expression but significant in meaning. It is a reminder that even in what may seem to be the most difficult times the indomitable Dominican spirit is always guaranteed to take us through. As a government we have faced a succession of challenges both natural and manmade yet we forge ahead fully cognizant of our sworn responsibility to secure a brighter more hopeful future for our Dominican people. Our determination to not only survive but flourish and prosper and our strength and courage as a people are why we celebrate,” Minister Roberts stated.

Minister Roberts says independence celebrations offer Dominica an opportunity for nation building, addressing socio-economic issues and follows the Prime Minister’s call for a national reset.

“Our celebrations over the next month offer us the ideal opportunity to reflect on how we can join hearts, hands and minds to continue building our nation. As we reflect it is important to ask ourselves what contributions we can make individually and collectively to confront the issues plaguing our development. This is how we heed the Prime Minister’s call for a reset; this reset will require solidarity and collective work to drive our country forward,” the Culture Minster noted.

Parliamentary Representative of the Mahaut Constituency Hon. Cassani Laville warmly welcomed the public and spoke deeply of the contributions of Mahaut to Dominica. He says citizens have a collective responsibility for nation building.

“Friends, we in Mahaut welcome you to this place and to this unique celebration because as a community we help to reshape the nations thrust towards a new paradigm of enterprise, of cultural rebirth and greater awareness of the possibilities of building a more prosperous nation and a country of greater quality and opportunities for its people. That this is work still in progress that this is still our collective responsibility and desire to achieve as we strive to work together to build further on the foundation laid out for us over those 45 years.,” Hon. Laville stated.

Hon. Laville recalled the rich contributions of his constituency in shaping culture in Dominica.

“I am reminding you, that it is Mahaut who produced the legendary Wells Combo, who played their part in revolutionizing Dominica’s music and entertainment landscape for well over three decades; that they were one of the greatest proponents of Dominica’s Cadence Lypso Music touring extensively to other Caribbean islands, Canada and the USA and still to this day receiving ode play not just here but across the creole speaking world. But this is the home of Opharell Benjamin and the legion of Champion Folk Loris where Bele, Quadrille, Conch Shell Blowing and just about any folk form this great men and women some unknown outside of these crafts but masters of their own craft,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Earlson Matthew has called for the active participation of citizens in cultural preservation.

“What we ask for in turn is that everyone plays their part.  Sometimes our nature is such that we want to see the traditions stay alive until we are called upon to participate.  We are all green and environmentally conscious until it’s time to clean up after ourselves. We all advocates for eating local produce until it is time to plant.  So as we remain wary of developing a reputation of all talk and no action let us continue to encourage those who do accept their social, environmental and most importantly cultural responsibilities whether through physical, emotional, moral or financial support,” Mr. Matthew stated.

Mr. Matthew has advised individuals to be tolerant with the next generation and provide guidance to those who follow in their footsteps.

The Dominica 2023 Independence Calendar promises a diverse range of activities which caters to everyone.

  • Journee Panyen (basket day) October 6;
  • History week October 9 October 13
  • October 13; Journe Chap Pay
  • October 14; Market Day With A Difference Portsmouth Market 8 am
  • National Emblems Week October 16- 20
  • October 19, National Madam Wob Dwiyet Pageant, Old Mill Cultural Centre 8 pm
  • Flag Day October 16
  • Had Kweyol Friday Afro Hair Day October 20
  • Festival Dwive October 20
  • National Heritage Day October 22
  • National Miss Wob Dwiyet Pageant October 25
  • WCMF 2023 October 27-29
  • National Youth Rally November 2
  • Independence Day November 3

Every Friday during independence season individuals are encouraged to wear their creole wear.

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