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Friday, 03 July 2020

The Dominica Technical Vocational Education and Training Council holds a Strategic National Symposium. DTVETC brings together several Stakeholders of Skills Training in Dominica to examine and articulate a Strategic Plan for Awareness Development.

Dominica’s Technical Vocational Education and Training Council, under the aegis of the Ministry of Education is hosting a National Symposium for Enhancing Skills Development and Economic Competitiveness under the theme “Making tomorrow better than today.”

The national symposium represents a significant breakthrough for the Council. Therefore, an important goal of the Council is to establish the trust that increases multi-sector collaboration and commitment or the development of quality skills programs that develop both human capacities and prepares individuals for the world of work. The symposium targets key stakeholders including employers, Government agencies, industry experts, entrepreneurs, NGOs, educational institutions and civil society.

On this occasion of national importance, the TVET Council is pleased to partner with the Youth Development Division will also provide updates on recent developments to expand their services and to engage employers as part of the process.

The key objectives are: -

Provide the impetus to increase the competitiveness of local business enterprises

  1. Mobilize workforce-oriented training for improved employee skills and attitudes
  2. Promote certified training opportunities
  3. Establish continuous dialogue and commitment among all stakeholders.
  4. Encourage all Dominicans to become economically active citizens with access to training, decent work and economic gains

Emphasis on opportunities available through the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ) will be highlighted.

In making the case for TVET this symposium will establish the importance of the TCET sector and make a clear call for transformative action toward the development of a quality TVET sector hat is Agile – callable-Flexible and Sustainable.

Contact: Mrs. Paula Seraphine, Executive Director, DTVETC

Tel #: 266-4041/315-8328


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