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Friday, 21 February 2020

The Grotto Home for the Homeless have announced that the week from 22nd to 27th October as a special focus for fundraising in this Independence Season –and so especially including  our visitors and diaspora in Dominica here to enjoy our many cultural and entertainment events.

The Grotto focused activities will be:

  1. Highlighting the continuing needs of this national charity institution serving the need of the most vulnerable in Dominica since 1988.
  2. The promotion and acceptance of donations at special points (in Roseau, Portsmouth & Soufriere) mostly at supermarkets and at cooperating banks and stores, other corporate enterprises.

The Grotto Home for the Homeless (Community Hostels Inc.) was setup in 1988 and it’s managed by an elected Board of  Directors.  It is grateful for much support from Gov’t, the business community and many individuals and volunteers, though this has understandably declined somewhat after Hurricane Maria , and so posing significant financial challenges in its operations.

Public DONATIONS are thus even more important at this time. We thank you in advance.


 For further information: 

 Please call 225-021, 245-4618, or 612-2160

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