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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

We congratulate the Government and People of Dominica on the observance of our 41st anniversary of Independence.

As we mark this very important occasion, we implore all to be mindful of the true meaning of being an independent nation and people. We must not just be free from the clutches or control of others but we must become so responsible for ourselves in so much that we make right decisions all the time which will help propel us continually forward.

We exhort that our citizens celebrate this cultural moment expressing concern for self and each other, promoting an environment of comradery, peace and oneness in purpose as we build this nation. While we enjoy the planned cultural activities, we must remain sexually responsible, socially sober and morally sound in all our judgements.

Please remember that while this season will be politically charged, we must do all in our power to manage tempers while conducting healthy debates on the way forward for our nation.

The Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches prays for a peaceful and reflective 41st Aniversary.


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