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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Dominica gained independence from the British on November 3rd in 1978.Dominica’s independence celebrations begin during Creole History Month, October, and climax in the first week of November. It’s is a time when the people celebrate with pride our identity, history, culture, and nationhood. It’s a time of reflection on our relationships, citizenry and humanity. Before independence the political leader Edward Oliver Leblanc established the revival of our Dominican cultural celebration in 1967 hence facilitating the way for continuity. 

As a writer and musician my gift to Dominica in celebration of the 41st anniversary celebration is the official recording and release of “Waitukubuli/Dominica” a song/poem that I wrote and performed for the first time publicly in 1993 in my play “Old Time Rhythms”, and occasionally through the years. The release is intended to energize and propagate the reflection by the citizenry, friends and lovers of Dominica will deepen such reflection and celebration. 

Waitukubuli is the Kalinago (original indigenous inhabitants) name for the island later named Dominica. who were called Caribs after whom the Caribbean region and sea were named.


Personnel (All persons contributing to the project are of Dominican origin)

Ras Mo Moses: Writer Arranger

Harry Mo Moise and Ras Mo Moses: Arrangers


Harry Mo Moise: Guitars, Keyboards drums acoustic and Electronic drum programming, acoustic and electric guitars

Bernard George: Lead guitars

Joel Francis Bass:

King Trashy: Electronic drum programming 


Executive Producer: Delmance Moses

Harry Mo Moise, Ras Mo Moses Pre-production

Pre-production: Harry Mo Moise, Ras Mo Moses

Engineering: Mix and Master: Clayton Hazel

Cover design: Jahlil Moses

In the spirit of our Ancestors, family and nationhood,  enjoy, celebrate, share and reflect on and with Waitukubuli/Dominica


Ras Mo Moses

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