Government is investing over two point one million dollars for the rehabilitation of the coast guard jetty.

A contract signing ceremony for this project was held on February 24 2021 at the coast guard base in Fond Cole.

Minister for National Security and Home Affairs, Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore stated that when completed, the project will enhance the safety of police officers of the Marine Unit and contribute to timely responses of the coast guard. Minister Blackmoore commended the officers for their dedication to the service.

“These officers never protested but continued to show up for work day and night, whether it rained, whether it was windy, whether it was cold. To you police officers in the Marine Unit, you exemplify what service to country really is. I want to also place on record, Government’s sincere gratitude to the United States Government for the continued assistance to the growing unit. I want to add further that the officers of the Marine Unit is a very challenging one, especially in today’s reality as we are confronted with the challenges brought about by covid-19, and the whole issue of illegal entry into our country,” Minister Blackmoore stated.

Acting Chief of Police, Lincoln Corbette stated that the rehabilitation of the jetty is a welcomed project.

“It would be remiss of me if I did not take this opportunity to commend my officers at the marine unit for the commitment and zeal in the performance of their duties and for trusting that the process will come to fruition. You must trust the process,” the Chief of Police noted.

Commissioner Corbette also expressed his gratitude to the United States Government for the donation of a floating jetty in 2019 and for their continued assistance. He added that the unit will continue to protect the maritime boarders.

Project Manager, Mr. Bergis Stoute gave an overview of this project. He explained that the first task of this project is to eradicate what is damaged of the jetty.

“The contractor will proceed to install new timber planks suited for the marine environment. These planks will be coming from Guyana, which is one of the best timber suited for that particular environment. The project also calls for extensive concrete works so you’ll be seeing the pouring of new concrete beams and the pouring of the new pile caps. The concrete work will be a combination of precast concrete and in-situ concrete,” the Project Manager explained.

Acting Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Davidson Valerie expressed his gratitude to the Government of Dominica for the realization of this project.

“We hope to see its completion and we look forward to utilizing the wharf at the soonest. We want to extend our thanks also to the project manager added the people who are going to be involved in the construction of the project,” Deputy Chief Valerie added.


The coast guard jetty was built in 1988 by Edghill and Associates Limited, a Barbadian company and was funded by the British Aid Programme in the Caribbean. The rehabilitation of the coast guard jetty is expected to be completed in twenty weeks. Island roofing and hardware limited is the contractor for this project.