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Tuesday, 01 December 2020

Headline News

Predictions for Dominica’s Hurricane Season
Tropical Storm Warning Issued for Dominica
2012 Business Lab to Focus on Cultural Industry
Cornell Jno Baptiste Not Surprised by Record-Setting Achievement
PM Calls for Greater Commitment of OECS Nationals
Police Commit to Building Stronger Relationship with Public
Regional Black Sigatoka Approach Under Development
Police Make Major Breakthrough in Drug Interdiction Efforts
2012 CXC CSEC Results
Education Minister Praises Government’s Relations with the People's Republic of China
Dominicans Awarded 10 Chinese Government Scholarships
Government Seeks to Relocate Residents Along Roseau River Bank
199,000 Needed for Clean-up Following Weekend Rains
Outstanding Nursing Aides at PMH Recognized
Dominica Closer to Vibrant Geospatial Database Community
OECS Assembly Inaugural Session Takes Place in Antigua and Barbuda
August Declared Banana and Plantain Field Sanitation Month
Plans Progressing for Modernized Princess Margaret Hospital
Parents Called Upon to be Accountable for their Children
Government Injects $500,000 into Apprenticeship Programme
Agriculture Officials Embark on Quest to Manage Black Sigatoka Disease
Interview with…..Dr. Carissa Etienne- Assistant Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Dr. Etienne in Search of One Vote to Secure PAHO’s Top Position
Government determined to curtail criminal behavior –Hon. Charles Savarin
AG calls for more integrity in the Media
Dominica manages well amidst global crisis –Hon. Ambrose George
Economic Citizenship Programme transparent –Attorney General Levi Peter
Emancipation 2012 celebrations kick off this Tuesday
Government Recognises Small Business Sector Expansion

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