Government Embarks on Major Road Rehabilitation Project in Roseau

The Government of Dominica has embarked on a major road rehabilitation project within the city of Roseau. 

The project which began the third week in March will be completed in several phases. The first phase involves resurfacing, drainage and sidewalk works on the Virgin Lane to Roseau Link Road and Virgin Lane to Newtown section of the road. 

This phase of the project costs over eight hundred thousand EC dollars. 

Public Works Minister Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore views this major rehabilitation project as a complement to Government’s plan to ensure that all roads within the city are in good condition. 

“What we are trying to do in an incremental fashion is to address some of our main roads in the city of Roseau. A few weeks ago the Ministry of Public Works technical staff along with the Minister took a walk around the City of Roseau with a view of getting a clear understanding as to what needs to be done to enhance the physical structure. We also recognize the need to improve on our drainage system in Roseau and also our sidewalks.” 

Work on the section of road spanning from Newtown to the Garraway Hotel is expected to commence in April. That aspect of the project will be done at a cost of four hundred and twenty thousand dollars. 

DLP Senator, The Hon. Alvin Bernard who represents the Roseau Central constituency views the Roseau Road rehabilitation project as providing relief to road users in the city.

 “The project has to address three basic problems. One is that of traffic congestion, two is that of the management of pedestrian traffic and three the question of adequate drainage.” 

The Rose Street to Bath Road Bridge and the associated link road around the perimeter of the Windsor Park Stadium are two projects which have already been completed under government’s wider road rehabilitation project in the city of Roseau. 

Government is now in the process of seeking funds to undertake other phases of the Roseau Road Rehabilitation Project.