Rehabilitation of Grand Fond Road to Begin Soon – Hon. Public Works Minister

The Ministry of Finance has approved funding to the tune of three hundred and eighty four thousand EC. Dollars ($384,000.00 EC.) for rehabilitation work to be constructed on the entrance road leading to the Grand Fond community.

The project will involve excavation, stabilization of the cliff and seventy meters of road work. A wall extending one hundred and fifty meters will also form part of the rehabilitative work to be done on the Grand Fond road.

Public Works Minister, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore told GIS news last week that a contract has been signed with local company Offshore and Marine to undertake the corrective work. The Minister says this project is of high priority for the Government.

“We as a Government are very much concerned about the people of Grand Fond. We have only one entrance and one exit in Grand Fond. We have no control over our climatic conditions, we had serious rains some months ago in the eastern part of the country and as a result we had tremendous edge failure in the road leading to the Grand Fond Village.”

Rehabilitative works to the Grand Fond road is one of several road rehabilitation projects currently being done across the country by Government.

The Minister responsible for road development has confirmed that plans are also being finalized to address road edge failure concerns in other communities such as Penville and Grandbay.