3.7 Million Dollar Grand Bay Police Station officially commissioned

The much-anticipated Grand Bay Police Station was officially presented to the Dominican public on Wednesday April 10, 2013 with a colourful ceremony on the grounds of the facility.

The official opening was attended by a large crowd comprising Dominica’s Head of State; the Prime Minister; Venezuela’s Ambassador to Dominica; government officials, and members of the Diplomatic Corps, the public and the media.

The 3.7 million dollar structure was constructed by local contractors, L and R Contracting: a company which Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit says he is proud of.

“Lazarus Registe and Donald Letang are from this part of Dominica and were charged with the responsibility of constructing this 3.7 million dollar facility. This project was done within budget and the Labour Party Government has been empowering ordinary local people by allowing them to do projects such as these. By doing this we are saying to them, we believe that you have the ability and we’re placing our trust and confidence in you to be able to deliver projects of this nature.  I can say, as the Minister for Finance that I am very, very pleased with the quality of work and also with the fact that the project remained within budget.”

The island’s National Security Minister, Hon Charles Savarin believes the new police station will mean an encouraging atmosphere for security in the area.

“As has been stated on other occasions, this new facility in itself cannot solve nor prevent crimes.  The expectation is however, that this new, pleasant, beautiful, comfortable and functional setting will engender the appropriate attitude required for improved efficiency by the men and women stationed here.  By appropriate attitude we refer to the constructive police community relationship which will ensure that citizens of Grand Bay and indeed the rest of the country are safe and free to conduct their affairs in a peaceful environment.”

Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency, Hon Justina Charles views the opening of the police station as proof that the Roosevelt Skerrit Administration is moving Dominica to the next level.

“Today we are witnessing the formal opening of the newly constructed police station, more than 12 years after the police officers vacated the old building due to the deterioration of the structural integrity.  Following the movement, it cost the Government of Dominica about six thousand five hundred dollars monthly for police accommodation without actually owning a station.  During the 2009 General Election campaign, we did promise the people of Dominica that we were going to take them to the next level and this afternoon’s celebration is evident that it was not just talk; we are well on the path to this great experience.  We now see an improvement in the accommodation for police officers in terms of space, ambiance, and scenic view, the accommodation for male and female officers as well as other senior officers.”

The construction of the new Grand Bay Police Station ends a fifteen-year rent arrangement.

The new structure was financed through grant funds by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.