Modern Police Stations for Laplaine and Calibishie

Government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all its citizens and residents is being advanced through the construction of two additional modern police stations in the communities of Laplaine and Calibishie at an estimated cost of EC $6.3m. 

According to a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister on Monday, these facilities along with the almost completed Grand Bay Police Station will bring to three, the number of modern, fully equipped police stations under Government's current initiatives. 

Government has also increased the number of recruits within the various communities across the country.  Police officers have been provided with modern crime fighting tools, vehicles and equipment. 

The Salybia, Mahaut and Marigot Police Stations have been refurbished with works to commence on the Roseau Police Station shortly. 

These initiatives enhance the effectiveness of the Police Force in providing national security services.