Seaborne Airlines serious about Corporate responsibility

Seaborne Executive says his company believes strongly in being exemplary corporate citizens so much so that Seaborne is resolute about contributing to the local economy, firstly through employment.

“One of the things that I wanted to talk about today aside from the inauguration is, it’s not just about connecting seats and flights and schedules but one of the things we take very seriously at Seaborne is being good members of the community.  We really believe this strongly.  We believe in hiring locally wherever we go and trying to grow that employment as we grow our traffic and our business and keep the money in our local economy.”

Additionally, Foss stated that his company will play its part in directing tourism dollars toward the Dominican economy.

“One of the things we can do as a Caribbean carrier is offer special promotional fares and try to see if  we can send in sales teams to stimulate the local market.  So we offered a US$116 fare to San Juan Puerto Rico. Effective today I’m going to extend that through the end of April for ticketing and you can travel through the end of the year.  We are going to keep these deals coming and not just to San Juan, Puerto Rico but anywhere that we are flying to.  That’s our commitment to try to work with you locally and see that it’s good for you, good for your economy and good for us.”

“We’re very big on sponsoring local charities whether it be the boy scouts, whether it be something that I’m personally involved with which is children’s cancer groups, pediatric cancer groups, we’re committed to those kind of things where we can try to help the local community and help good organizations raise money.”

The airline’s president communicated his optimism about the new relationship stating that while the new route means growth for Seaborne, it means improvements for Dominica as well.