Prime Minister Praises Venezuela for Petite Soufriere/Rosalie Link Road

Petite Soufriere Rosalie Link RoadConstruction works on the Venezuelan funded, 20 million dollar Petite Soufriere Rosalie link road is ongoing… The recommencement of phase two resumed in 2011 and is coming to an end shortly as excavation works are almost complete.

Construction works cover 4.16 kilometers of road work and when complete is expected to be a two-lane road, with concrete drains, proper drainage structures and guard railings for protective measures.

Venezuelan company, Inversiones JJ, LLC, was commissioned to undertake these works.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit along with Cabinet Ministers visited the site on Monday April 3, 2012 to assess the work done thus far.

In an exclusive interview after the tour the Prime Minister says he commends the Venezuelan contractors for piloting the way forward with this project.

“I must commend the engineers and contractors from Venezuela who are leading the process for the tremendous job that they’ve done. They’ve assisted us in designing the road and in some cases even advising on the realignment of the original design.  Clearly they are highly skilled and highly knowledgeable.  I am personally very impressed and very pleased with the progress and the people of Petite Soufriere and San Sauver communities are very grateful for this infrastructure. The Petite Soufriere Rosalie link road, once completed will have a significant impact on the socio-economic standing of the entire country.”

Prime Minister Skerrit praised the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for this major infrastructure and says he is very grateful.

“One of the things I’d like to place on record, is the tremendous support of the Government and People of Venezuela through President Chavez, and of course ably assisted by his very hardworking Ambassador here in Dominica.  It shows the people of Dominica how this special and deferential relationship between Dominica and Venezuela has been of exceptional benefit to the people of Dominica.  The Petite Soufriere Rosalie link road is a major undertaking that costs in excess of 20 million dollars and so far has been solely funded by the Government of Venezuela. There’s a commitment by the Venezuelan Government to see this project to completion.  This is under the Petro Caribe Alba Arrangement.