Tourism Minister calls Tourism Summit a Success

Tourism Minister Hon. Ian Douglas described a recently concluded Tourism Summit in Dominica as successful.

Speaking at a Tourism News Conference last week Hon. Douglas said a number of key issues were discussed at the summit.

“The summit in my opinion was very good, very timely and very productive. We had representations from the broad cross section of tourism stakeholders in Dominica and we brought in our marketing reps from the various regions and our various source markets.  I believe a number of issues were covered at the cruise summit.”

The Tourism Minister says a Corporate Strategy and Action Plan of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) was one of the highlights of last week’s summit.

“We looked at our Corporate Strategy and Action Plan for Discover Dominica Authority because you know the DDA handles the marketing of the destination so we looked at our overall corporate strategy and put in place a plan of action for the next three years going forward.”

Tourism Minister Hon. Ian Douglas disclosed to media representatives that the re-development of a Tourism Master Plan was also another major achievement at the Tourism Summit.

“The Master Plan that was prepared from 2005 through to 2015 really had to be placed under the microscope again because there were so many intervening events that happened globally.  We had more importantly the world wide crisis which curtailed people’s ability to take a holiday especially from our main source markets in the US. I believe that with our consultants CHL guiding us through the process it was very interactive.  All of the stakeholders gave their input based on the suggestions that were made by CHL and I think that in the final analysis we will come up with a very comprehensive Master Plan from 2013 through to 2022.  One of the major thrusts of that Master Plan is to continue to grow the industry; that is to continue to grow our visitor arrivals both in cruise and in the important subsector of stay over and also to not only increase our numbers to the destination but to increase visitors spend because at the end of the day that is very important also and looking at all of the issues that affect tourism and tourism development in Dominica.”

An access strategy for Dominica also formed part of main discussions at the Tourism Summit.

There was also a call for increased collaboration between the public and private sector to get positive results in the tourism sector.