90,000 Stay Over Visitors Needed to Sustain Tourism Industry by 2015

The Discover Dominica Authority or DDA has seen the merits of adopting a new and more specific goal to increase tourist visits to Dominica.

According to the CEO of the DDA Colin Piper, the intention is to attract at least ninety thousand stay-over visitors to Dominica by the year 2015.

This concept stemmed from the recently concluded Tourism Summit held here late March.

“The consultants have proposed that in order for Dominica to remain sustainable in the tourism industry, we really need to get to a figure of 90,000 stay over visitors by 2015 and so there was a rallying cry at that tourism summit for all involved to understand that goal and I suppose this would be the first opportunity to say this to Dominicans at large, that collectively, not the DDA, not the Ministry of Tourism, not the DHTA, not DWA but collectively ‘Destination  Dominica’ needs to be moving in one direction and that direction is for 90,000 stay over visitors by 2015.

That figure, says Piper, represents steady growth of 7% per annum and requires the best efforts of each sector comprising the local community.

“It’s a tough target but we all have to look inward to determine what it is that we can all do differently to assist the nation in doing so.  Every individual needs to look at how they can play their part, every property and every service provider as well as the public sector.”

According to Piper, an organised and targeted approach must be agreed on by both the public and private sectors. He called for a partnership to achieve the ninety-thousand-visitor mark.

He says, “The private sector has made a sizeable investment in property both to provide accommodation and to provide services, the government has made investments in infrastructure and we need to capitalize on that, so we want to foster greater collaboration and coming out of that summit I think there’s a better understanding of how we can do that and the need to do that.”

A Corporate Strategy and Action Plan for the Discover Dominica Authority was the highlight of the Tourism Summit.