Prime Minister Skerrit "Immensely Pleased" by election of Chinese President

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has congratulated the People’s Republic of China’s newly elected President, Xi Jinping.

Xi serves not only as China’s President but also as general secretary of the Communist Party and commander-in-chief of China’s armed forces.

In recent speeches, China’s new president has indicated his intention to lead a Chinese renaissance, stating that he is committed to building an even more prosperous and proud future for China.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said that he is “immensely pleased that the delegates at the National People’s Congress have chosen Xi Jinping to lead one of the most powerful economies in the world”, adding that “President Xi can exert a positive influence on the destiny of hundreds of millions of people in China and around the

In an official congratulatory letter to the new President, Prime Minister Skerrit stated, “I have no doubt that, with your profile and qualifications, the PRC and indeed the world, has found in you the leadership required to advance on the progress made including the finding of solutions to the many economic and political challenges of our time.

The letter continues: “Your Excellency, Dominica has shared a special bond with the PRC since the establishment of diplomatic relations nine years ago. We have had progressive success in international fora on a number of areas of mutual interest. Dominica commends the position of China on several issues currently on the international agenda and has benefitted from the pro-developing country positions adopted. Our technical cooperation programme is second to none and includes projects and programmes that have far reaching impact on improving the quality of life of the Dominican people, particularly the rural and more vulnerable. I look forward to even greater collaboration under your stewardship.”