The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, (DSWMC) has launched a new project dubbed the ‘Community Waste Storage Improvement’. This project is financed by the Government of Dominica and other regional and international agencies. Under this project, new garbage bins were presented to the residents of the City Breeze Apartment in Roseau on Friday.

General Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation Mr. Florian Mitchel gave the objectives of the project.

“It is anticipated the following outcomes will be met as part of the project: standardized waste storage system across the island; improved waste management services; reduction in litter; collective consciousness and preservation of the marine space. The main component of this project is improving waste collection in Roseau city centre. It is anticipated that seven hundred and fifty bins will be distributed at the household level, installation of forty litre bins which are three compartment bins that foster separation and the installation of billboards,” Mr. Mitchel explained.

The project is also in keeping with the aspirations of the Climate Resilient Recovery Plan 2020/2030 vision in improving and promoting a waste management system that fosters recycling and waste management.

The General Manager says it is anticipated that more than two thousand recycled bins will be distributed during the life cycle of the project.

“Another key component of the project the provision of bins. It is anticipated through the life cycle of the project, more than two thousand recycle bins will be distributed; two thousand residential bins, seven hundred municipal bins. The provision of bins is but just one aspect of the project. The recipient of those receptacles are the direct beneficiaries and should embrace this initiative and should pay attention to the following. Bag your waste, place bagged waste into the bin, put bins out only on days and times specified, clean your bin regularly and remember the bin is only for refuse storage,” the General Manager added.

Member of Parliament for the Roseau South Constituency, Hon Melissa Skerrit, welcomed this initiative by the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation. She says this project is in sync with Government’s vision to create a green, clean and resilient nation. She pledge her support to the DSWMC for the continuance of this project.

“I pledge my support to Mr. Mitchel and his team at the Solid Waste Corporation in its execution not only here in Roseau Central but in other parts of the island. I wish the corporation every success and I hope to see these receptacles put to the best use right here at the City Breeze Apartments,” Hon, Skerrit noted.

Over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars was spent to procure these bins with financial assistance from the European Union. National Authorizing Officer for the European Development Fund, Ms. Carleen Roberts, urged the recipients to take proper care of the bins.

“Please be mindful that almost 120,000 dollars of the E.U taxpayers’ money has been provided to you with 1,260 recycle bins to manage your waste and keep our city clean. I implore all to manage our waste in the most efficient manner,” Ms. Roberts added.