Sixteen vulnerable families are set to be touched by the Government of Dominica’s ongoing housing revolution as major construction works ongoing on the Hutton Estate site in Eggleston.

The project, which was announced earlier this year by Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, will see the construction of sixteen three bedroom homes consisting two bathrooms with hot water facilities, a kitchen, living room and dining room.

During a site visit held on Thursday, April 21 2022, Member of Parliament for the Roseau South Constituency, Hon. Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite explained that retaining walls will form an important part of this housing project due to the soil type present at the building site. The construction of these retaining walls are expected to start in the next two weeks.

“Currently we are doing some land clearing and clearing the banks of the property and they are going to build a trench.  Because of the soil type we must build the retaining walls before we start the housing complex. We will be build sixteen three bedroom stand-alone homes here for the people of the Roseau South Constituency. The retaining walls will start construction in the next two weeks and we are looking to see some real activity on Hutton Estate very, very soon. These homes will be for the most vulnerable among us and I am really happy for the people of the Roseau South Constituency because they have been waiting quite a while for housing,” Hon. Lockhart-Hypolite stated.

One of the main challenges faced by the Government in the constituency was acquiring land required for the housing project. Government acquired over four acres of land for the implementation of this project. Hon. Lockhart-Hypolite says while it is challenging, she will continue searching until land is made available to ensure that all vulnerable families can receive proper housing.

“We know that land is a major challenge for us in the Roseau South Constituency. We had to purchase this lot and as the Parl. Rep I had been moving from hamlet to hamlet, community to community, street to street looking for much needed land for housing, and I will not rest until the people of the Roseau South Constituency who are in need of housing get the housing that the deserve,” the Roseau South MP noted.

The Parliamentary Representative went on to say that so far they have signed contracts with approximately twelve local contractors, all of whom come from the various communities in Roseau South.

She explained that by hiring local contractors, the local economy will be stimulated and will continued as more local skilled labourers are engaged one the project  as it progresses.

“All these contractors are local and the monies are going to stay right here in the Roseau South Constituency. We will engage our electricians, we will engage our plumbers, and we will engage our carpenters all of whom will be local people. I think this is tremendous and that is one of the things many have complained about and we have very good contractors and builders in the Roseau South Constituency and they are very excited to build these homes,” the Roseau South MP further stated.

The Member of Parliament then noted that the housing development will continue on a phased approach, however she will continue to assist residents of her constituency on a smaller scale.

“We are taking a phased approach to the housing development in the Roseau South Constituency. We still continue through local funds to construct roofs for people because there are still people who do not have roofs over their heads post Hurricane Maria so we are still doing that. We are still doing basic renovations of housing and despite the tight resources we are still able to assist many of our people. We also have our windows programme ongoing and I utilize my NEP team to go and install windows for many of our vulnerable people especially our elderly,” Hon. Lockhart-Hypolite added.