Students and staff of the Kelleb John Laurent Primary School in St. Joseph are the recipients of a huge donation of school supplies from the Kelleb John Laurent family residing in New York.

The donation, which came from Mrs. Aldona Ravalier Prosper and family, included over one hundred school bags, three hundred exercise books, art supplies and thousands of stationery supplies, as well as contributions to the school’s staff.

Member of Parliament for the St. Joseph Constituency, Hon. Dr. Adis King stated that she is thankful for the donation, noting that the family has remain committed to assisting the community.

“As the Parliamentary Representative of St. Joseph, I am very grateful for this from Mrs. Aldona Prosper, her husband and the rest of her family. And I would like to see other members of the diaspora, other St. Joseph people living away, do just this.  As we know she is located in New York, and he alone with her family always reaches out to the community in whatever way they can, anytime they can,” Dr. King stated.

The St. Joseph MP noted that the diaspora must work with the communities if the country is to continue its development.

“I hope that you all will continue to be in a generous mood and we will continue to look after St. Joseph in that way. And on behalf of the St. Joseph people, I want to say a special thank you and I hope we can continue to work together to elevate our community and our country,” Dr. King added.

Principal of the Kelleb John Laurent Primary School, Ms. Nadia Mark described the donation as timely especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

“So many times people move out of the community and they don’t turn back to make a difference. If individuals who have left St. Joseph can turn back and think of the students, and the lives that can be changed within the walls of the building. More so we live in hard economic times. The pandemic has caused so many parents to lose their job, so this gift came at a timely moment, whereby we can make an impact in the lives of the children and for that we are grateful,” Ms. Mark stated.

The Principal went on thank the donors for this special gift to the teachers and students.

“Look at what you can do to impact and to change the life of a child for tomorrow. The individuals who have come together and the business place who assisted them, they have no idea how far reaching their impact might be on these children and how far reaching just giving towards this children might be. And for that I want to say a hearty thank you,” Ms. Mark added.

Mrs. Aldona Ravalier Prosper and family have also made previous donations of computers to the school.