Plans are on the way for the development of a Caribbean Tourism and Hospitality Training Institute in Dominica.

This as a meet and greet was hosted by proprietor of the training institute Mr. Anthony Paul, at the evergreen hotel where he met with certified individuals who will be responsible for teaching the students.

The school is expected to open in September this year.

Mr. Paul called on the stakeholders who were present to assist him with making this dream a reality.

“We have the work force but we don’t have quality so we really want to bring it together and make the tourist school a success. So we depending on everybody to give us a hand and to give us the support that we need to make this school a success,” Mr. Paul stated.

Mr. Albert Tyson is the Project Officer for the Caribbean Tourism and Hospitality Training Institute. He says the school is much needed in Dominica.

“Over the years, there has been a cry from the public and from our visitors, that in certain areas of our customer relations, some aspects are seriously lacking in Dominica so there is definitely a need for that kind of service,” Mr. Tyson noted.

Mrs. Paula Seraphine is the Executive Director of the Dominica Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Council. She says the intention is to ensure the students are well rounded upon completion at the training institute.

“What we really are about is to ensure that persons are not just trained and skilled. The CVQ is a currency. The CVQ is powerful. The CVQ represents a regional and also international certification or qualification that is highly recognized and respected throughout the Caribbean and any parts of the world. And so this will empower Dominicans further even if you have a degree. The holder of a certificate in the CVQ qualifications empowers you to also move around the region,” Ms. Seraphine added.