The Dominica Youth Business Trust will be hosting the twenty-sixth installment of the Small Business Assistance Facility Programme.

The training is slated to run from June seven to the eleventh and this training will be done online.

“This will allow for young entrepreneurs who are actively involved in their business in the day to attend sessions in the evening with little to no disruption of business operations. The objective of the SBAF training is to assist entrepreneurs to further develop their skills and knowledge base needed to successfully run a small business. Over twenty existing small businesses will receive training in micro and small business development topics which include Business Management, Record Keeping, Marketing, Costing and Pricing, Cash Flow, Tools and Techniques for market Surveys and Meeting Industry Standards,” Mr. Rolle stated.

Mr. Rolle says the trust recognizes the ongoing effects of the covid-19 pandemic on small businesses, the trust has kept the managing risk and business continuity session.

“This session is particularly important and critical during this time as it will increase the capacity of existing entrepreneurs to plan for and effectively respond to both internal issues and external shocks thus bolstering the overall resiliency of their small business,” he noted.

At the end of the programme, one entrepreneur will win a grant of two thousand dollars made possible by the DYBT and the international organization for migration.

“To be eligible for this grant, entrepreneurs will have to submit their business plans, as well as financial records or record keeping procedures which will be reviewed and scored by our business plan innovation award committee. We at the Dominica Youth Business Trust are definitely looking forward to this upcoming training and we hope that it is both inspiring and educational for all trainees,” Mr. Rolle added.