The housing sector in the Paix Bouche Constituency has seen great investment from the Government of Dominica. Since the passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017, the Government of Dominica has spent in excess of five point eight million dollars for housing repairs and for the construction of single homes on personal property. 

So far, over sixty homes have been given to needy individuals and families around the constituency, with many elderly person benefiting from this housing initiative.

Eighty-two years old, Nelly Winston, better known as Ma Nelly, moved into her new home approximately three weeks ago, and has described the time since moving in as wonderful.

She noted that she is extremely thankful for the opportunity to move back to her home town.

“I am very happy for this gift that I have today. I have to thank God for everything. I have to thank God for the Prime Minister, I have to thank God for his cabinet and thank God for being able to come back here,” Ms. Winston stated.

She explained that since her relocation she has been very happy and comfortable.

“I use to live in Georgetown and I use to say I was in prison. I was in a house, couldn’t see anyone. I was by myself alone, so I wasn’t very happy. But now I am very happy,” Ma Nelly went on to say.

“I am back at home and I have a good Prime Minister and his Cabinet members. I feel comfortable because I’m at home. People can come and visit me, I can see my friends, and I am just very happy you know. I am full up inside” Ms. Winston added.

“Her house was damaged during Hurricane Maria. It took some time building it, but we really expedited the process. We had to redesign it to fit what was there and it is much improved home for her. And I know she has continuously expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and the Government, and we will continue to work with her for her wellbeing,” added Member of Parliament for the Paix Bouche Constituency, Hon. Roselyn Paul.