A new Hospital Authority Bill will be tabled in Parliament for approval later this year, with the aim of restructuring the management at the hospital level to improve the efficiency and quality of health care in Dominica.

Director of PAHO, Dr. Carissa Etienne has lent her support for the passing of this bill, saying the approval of this bill will modernize Dominica’s health care system.

She added that in order to obtain good management, all heads of the hospital should work collectively and establish a common approach.

“I think a CEO who has overall responsibility for the management of the hospital, with full authority for enforcing policy, accountability, and human resource management will be a better model, as long as it is done properly,” Dr. Ettiene explained.

She added that she believes that with the upgrade of the new Dominica China Friendship Hospital, these changes are extremely critical.

“Quality of care encompasses numerous issues in terms of investments, in terms of governance, in terms of ensuring your secondary and tertiary care is well developed and functions well,” the PAHO Director stated.

Dr. Etienne also noted that she looks forward to working with the Government of Dominica to implement these strategies.