The Kalinago Territory is on stream to become the first area in Dominica to develop an Agricultural Research Center. The center will transition from the provision of plants to famers to providing research and study of agricultural products within the constituency.

The centre will move from the provision of plants to farmers to provide research and study for agricultural products within the constituency.

Minister Frederick explained that this would be the key realization that farming and agriculture is more than the digging of soil.

“We have already surveyed the area. We are working collaboration with CREAD and with Public Works. We have partner also with the Indian Government to ensure that we have all of the relevant procedures in place. We have also taken into consideration all of the trappings that would ensure that this becomes a successful enterprise,” Honourable Frederick stated.

Minister Frederick explained that the first phase will include the rehabilitation of the road access leading to the centre. He added that he is hopeful that plans will be finalized by the end of 2021 and the three year project will be ruled out in the next two years.

A multi-purpose regional emergency shelter will also be constructed in the Kalinago Territory.

“What we hope to have in the multi-purpose center is a collective of offices which will house the Parliamentary Representative, the Ministry of Kalinago Upliftment, the Kalinago Council and its councilors. It will also provide a post office space and also a small administrative space for the Hamlet Development Committee. It’s going to be a very interactive structure. We are envisioning something that will reflect the Kalinago heritage and culture. We have studied the vernacular architecture of the Kalinago Territory, the different designs and we will inculcate it into something, that when a visitor comes in it is more than just an office space, more than just an emergency shelter, but one that kind encapsulate what is truly Kalinago and that we can continue to progressively display our Kalinago Territory,” Minister Frederick explained.

The MP for the Salybia Constituency added that the building will be an interactive one and encouraged residents to embrace the project. He noted that the intention is to involve local skilled men in the construction of this project.

The Government will partner with the Caribbean Development Bank for this project. The initial construction phases are expected to begin during the next financial year.