The Cabinet of Dominica met with the Dominica Social Security, on Wednesday 6th January 2021 to discuss the continuation of the housing revolution.

This as Prime Minister Skerrit announced a new housing initiative to be constructed to provide housing for public officers, private sector employees, young professionals and Dominicans in the Diaspora, adding that plans are well underway for this initiative.

The land, which is located in Warner, is currently owned by the Dominica Social Security, and Cabinet met with the heads of the Social Security to chart the way forward.

“I have finalized the concept note that I am hoping to provide next week with a comprehensive report to the nation on this. Between today and Monday afternoon, we will be meeting with a number of stakeholders, the unions, the private sector unions as well, the financial institutions, to share with them this concept that we are developing and to solicit their inputs,” PM Skerrit stated.

He added that they “are working on financing mechanisms with which we acquire those residences. But it is going to be a masterpiece housing development and we have dubbed it the “Future Housing Program,” and it is going to be a community that many parts of the world will envy.”