Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy, Honourable Cassanni Laville, says the Ministry of Digital Economy continues to transform Dominica and has played a critical role in the fight against covid-19 in Dominica with the digitization of online platforms.

“We implemented the online travel forms to assist in the screening of visitors. We also implemented changes to assist in limiting personal contact through the migration of online payments to Government departments and development of key curfew passes,” Honourable Laville stated.

Minister Laville says through the Ministry of the Digital Economy working collaboratively with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (ISRA-AID) a work online platform was launched where over fifty individuals participated in the programme.

“This year, I am extremely pleased about the partnership with ISRA-AID and UNDP with Work Online Dominica, where fifty five young people graduated with the skills to seek and acquire employment online through the gig economy. The majority of these graduates are now actively employed and receiving income form this work online initiative, at a time where many persons around the world are losing their jobs. Our commitment to our country’s sustainable development is unwavering. This is why we have secured financing and did the preparatory work to radically transform our digital economy,” the Digital Economy Minister explained.

A project implementation unit for the digital economy has now been established, the first in the region for this type of project.

“We have already engaged top local talent and we will continue to do so early this New Year. This transformation is exciting and is a game changer for all of us, and while this new thrust has created much excitement at the Ministry, we have remain quite focused on our built infrastructure which forms a major part of our portfolio,” Minister Laville.