Twenty six families received keys from government to new apartments in Bellevue Rawle as part of the ongoing housing revolution.

A handing over ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 23 2020, where the new homeowners officially received their keys from Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.

These units were constructed as the Government continues its mandate to build the first climate resilient nation in the world, while providing secure and comfortable housing for residents, by building modern and resilient infrastructure.

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honourable Joseph Isaac said the completion and handing over of the homes is the realization of a promise made by the Labour Party Administration.

“Today is a true manifestation of a promise made, a promise kept, a promise delivered. Though the Government at the time intended to embark on a housing revolution in Roseau Central and the wider Roseau area, it is through negotiations with the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of Finance that the project became a reality in just about one year,” Honourable Isaac stated.

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency, Honourable Danny Lugay urged the recipients to live in peace and create a community among themselves.

“We have every reason to be thankful for those of you who received the keys to their new apartments today. Cherish it and build a sense of community, a community where peace and looking out for your neighbor is an everyday practice,” the MP urged the recipients.

The homes were developed by Montreal Management Consultants Establishment Limited, the Government’s partner in its housing revolution.

Project Manager of MMCE, Mr. Ahmad Alkhatib gave an overview of the project, noting that the apartments were all built with resilience at the forefront.  

“The colorful buildings consists of thirty residential units, built with reinforced concrete frames. They are also equipped with reinforced concrete roof. The galvanize that you see there are just for decoration, but it is equipped with a six inch concrete slab. Also equipped with impact resistant windows, solar water heaters, fully fitted bathrooms and kitchens. And we have widened the road also to allow for parking,” Mr. Alkhatib explained.

Meanwhile, Senior Minister and Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Honourable Reginald Austrie stated that his Ministry expects strict adherence to the rules put in place so that all residents can live peacefully.

“We at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, our duty is to administer the conditions and terms that must be adopted by each of the resident beneficiaries. We expect strict adherence to the conditions imposed in return for quiet and peaceful possession and enjoyment of your homes without interruptions,” the Housing Minister advised.

“We implore you neither to allow nor to participate in any activity that make undue noise such as the playing of loud music, particularly after hours to the annoyance of the other occupants and your neighbors,” Minister Austrie told the recipients.  

Minister Austrie also reminded the recipients to care for the homes as they are a reflection of the Government’s commitment to improving the lives of all citizens.

“Be mindful of your closeness to the Dominica State College and surrounding urban communities, where the standard of living continues to improve demanding greater respect and ownership of the quality of life that will emerge in this new housing development. Please take pride in the upkeep and protection of your new home. Let these homes always reflect the gratitude and goodwill shed by a Government who cared not only for your physical but also a conscious demonstration f what we are elected to do, which is to improve the lives of Dominicans across the board,” Minister Austrie further noted.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit explained that the construction of these homes shows the Government’s commitment to building a resilient Dominica.

“You do not have a home not because you do not love yourself or your families. The fact and the reality is that you do not have the means to build a home for yourself and your family. And what do we do as a society? Do we tell them to go and pray?  They are praying; and if the Lord leads them to the Government, the Government has the duty and the obligation to help these people. And so our commitment to lifting people up is unwavering my friends. This is a solemn commitment that we have and we must have for our people,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

The Prime Minister added that giving homes to citizens is not for a vote, but because the Government is committed to the betterment of the lives of citizens.

“As your leader, I have taken time out to understand and to see how people live, and to empathize with their struggle; and to do everything humanly possible with the help of God to help the people of Dominica. That’s our commitment. We are not here to give you this home to vote for us. You don’t have to vote for us because we give you a home. No. all I want you to do is to give God thanks for this beautiful gift that you are getting,” Prime Minister Skerrit added.