Work is  ongoing on the Delices ‘Tou Le Mois’ factory.

Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine Honourable Kent Edwards says the cost of the factory is to the tune of over two hundred thousand dollars.

“A new processing plant is being built in Delices at a cost of over two hundred thousand dollars and it will be run by the Delices Toloma Women’s Group. The public will be using this area to process their toloma and we know what it can do for the economy of this place,” MP Edwards went on to say.

The Minister added that the ongoing construction work on the factory is nearing completion.

“It is over ninety percent complete and is expected to be completed in the next two weeks. The contractor is now fine tuning his works in this area. When it is completed, it is going to help the economy of the community, it is going to fine tune the end product of the toloma and it is going to help the people of Delices in their livelihoods,” the Delices MP added.

The factory will consist of a washing area for the produce, a grinding room, drying room, packaging room, and a washroom facility.