As Government continues to work towards building a ‘Dynamic Dominica’, major developments in the La Plaine Constituency are ongoing.

Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine Constituency Honourable Kent Edwards says the renovation of the Delices Primary School forms a part of the infrastructural developments in his constituency.

“This school is under repairs as it was damaged by Hurricane Maria after being affected by Tropical Strom Erika. This school was built in the 1980s, 1986 to be exact and it has withstood several natural disasters. As a result of damages done over the years, the Government of Dominica saw it fit to do some repairs. The roof was in a very bad state and the entire structure needed to be repaired,” Honourable Edwards stated.

Minister Edwards says the repairs of the school is at an estimated cost of one point two million dollars.

“The Canadian Government and Dominican Government intervened and they are now spending to a tune of 1.2 million dollars to repair the school. As we all know this area is an area that is prone to natural disasters, and the repairs are beinf done to make the school more resilient to withstand future natural disasters,” the Member of Parliament explained.

Minister Edwards expressed his thanks to his constituents for their patience saying “the people of Delices are very patient people ad we are thanking them for their patience because we knew what they have been through and they having been very patient.”

“On behalf of the Government I am now sending to them our heartfelt thanks for their patience,” Honourable Edwards added.

The Parliamentary Representative says upon completion the school will also be used to host community events.

“So we are repairing the school and at the end of it we all know the ambiance will be better, the learning environment will be better, and it can and will also be used for other community events and other activities in the village,” the La Plaine MP stated.  

Six residents of Delices are currently employed on the project, bringing an economic boost to the village.

“Not only is it benefitting them in terms of having a better structure and a better learning ambiance; employment is also being created. As we speak there are a few men, six so far, local Delices men who are employed on this project. This will increase as the project continues. So this in itself is a big plus for the community; employment has been created, better learning conditions for the students and that’s what development is all about. The Dominica Labour Party Government has seen it fit to continue producing and making progress in that part of the island,” the MP went on to explain.