The Government of Dominica continues to prioritize the need to improve healthcare.

The National Health Commission has placed its primary focus on the development of the governance structure of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital.

In October the commission held consultations with over one hundred and forty people, and organizations discussing the quality of care at the hospital.

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit says the National Health Commission has been engaged in an extensive exercise of stakeholder consultations and a public information campaign, all aimed at enhancing and revolutionizing the way health care is delivered in Dominica.

“The process of consultation has been completed and where practicable, suggestions will be taken onboard to ensure that as a priority we pursue a path of accreditation for our public hospitals. We aim to develop a system of secondary hospital care that is more responsive, that delivers value for money and places first class patient care at the forefront of its mission. The hospitals, health centers and numerous other infrastructural projects that are ongoing at this time, have the triple purpose of creating jobs, stimulation economic activity and preparing is for the post Covid-19 recovery,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

Legislation has been drafted to govern the authority within the hospital and a structure to manage the hospital has been developed. The system will deliver systematic care for all citizens.

Meantime, the commission will also focus on the issues of admitting privileges and the use of hospital facilities for private practices.