The Government of Dominica has developed an eight pronged strategy to manage and control the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit says managing this virus has called for strong and determined leadership, a call the Government has answered.

The Prime Minister says the Government has pooled all human, special and financial capital at their disposal to address the pandemic, and in doing so an eight pronged strategy was developed.

“Your Government has, and continues to pursue an eight-pronged strategy: (1) keep COVID-19 from entering our borders and spreading throughout Dominica; (2) ensure that our health care system is well equipped for testing, aggressive contact tracing and support for those who get infected; (3) stimulate economic activity through domestic spending led by Government projects to create decent work to boost employment and help the youth and families maintain themselves; (4) support and stimulate various sectors of the economy; (5) protect public officers especially our frontline workers; (6) provide and maintain a social safety net for the most vulnerable and those who need it (7) prepare our economy and society to bounce back quickly after COVID-19 eases and travel resumes and, (8) continue our quest to build resilience,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

The Prime Minister says over twelve point seven million dollars has been spent by the Government in providing direct support to Dominicans most affected by covid-19.

He says resources were mobilized to ensure that the health sector is adequately equipped to handle the pandemic.

“Your Government has mobilized resources, and with the help of our partners we have been able to offer income support to those who lost their jobs in the private sector. We have also provided loans and grants, tax rebates, a tax amnesty and duty-free concessions to assist the private sector. We have ensured that our health system continues to be adequately staffed, well stocked with essential medical drugs and supplies and is fully functional and capable of managing the pandemic,” the Prime Minister noted.

Prime Minister Skerrit says Government will continue to seek ways to boost the country’s economy.

“Although Dominica is very much the captive of a global situation beyond our control, your Government is actively seeking innovative ways to keep the wheels of the economy turning, and to ensure that Dominicans are gainfully employed. One such measure is to stimulate domestic activity and spending, through an aggressive construction programme,” Prime Minister Skerrit added.