The Wotten Waven primary school has officially been opened.

The school was one of six schools rehabilitated by the Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust embarked on the project of refurbishing and rebuilding primary schools in Dominica which suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence, Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth says the new school addresses all the policies that the government has outlined for a resilient nation.

The school was completed at a cost of two point four million dollars and construction lasted eight months.

Mrs. Hyacinth gave the scope of works of the project.

“The scope of works consisted of the construction of a new kitchen building, a new toilet block to include facilities for special needs, the construction of Pre-K classrooms creating access for early childhood, the demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of new buildings for additional classrooms and a principal’s office. The project also included refurbishment to the old school structure, external works and drainage,” Mrs. Hyacinth listed.

Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training, and National Excellence, Honourable Octavia Alfred says the goal is to build better, stronger and more resilient school structures to withstand intense weather events.

She says the Government understands the importance of early childhood education.

“This Government understands that early childhood is so much more than learning basic skills. We understand that it’s a time when children learn critical social and emotional skills; when their teachers and parents form partnerships. When these partnerships are formed properly, it lays the groundwork for this continuing throughout the child school education. Therefore this Government places special emphasis on early childhood education,” Minister Alfred stated.

The Education Minister expressed gratitude to the Maria Holder Memorial Trust for their significant contribution to the education of Dominica’s students.

“I once again accentuate the immense gratitude of this Government for this significant contribution. I note in particular the single focus of Jane and her team to see these projects to fruition. The hands on approach spoke loudly of their commitment to improve early childhood education in Dominica,”  the Minister added.

Member of Parliament for the Roseau Valley constituency, Honorable Dr. Irving McIntyre commended the residents of Wotten Waven for their patience during the process.

“It’s the patience of the people of Wotten Waven that I must commend. They have hung in there with us and I know it took a little more time than normal but good things come to those who wait. Ours was the final one but it is the best so far. So it did pay off, and we are really grateful for the patience of the community who bore with us through thick and thin, and finally we can see the school we wanted to have,” the Member of Parliament stated.

Consultant of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust, Jane Armstrong says she hopes that this new school and the others built by the trust will assist the government in its efforts to upgrade education institutions around the island.

“The Prime Minister in his Independence address spoke of continuing to upgrade schools in Dominica, and I hope very much that this school and the others that were completed before here at Belles, Concord, Trafalgar, Warner and Roseau helped towards this goal. The schools are intended to be resilient and adaptable as well as being a bright and pleasant,” Armstrong noted.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit says the assistance received from the trust speaks to the need of countries and institutions around the world working together for the advancement of humanity. 

“I want to express on behalf of the Government our profound gratitude to the Maria Holder Memorial Trust. It speaks to what is required in the world today. The issue of we all working together for the advancement of peace and the advancement of humanity across the world, the Caribbean included,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.