The Government of Dominica is advancing plans for the construction of the international airport.

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit says Government will move to organize an airport development company.

“The Government will delegate the construction of the airport to that company to give focus to the construction of the airport. That company will also have a board of directors and we have a wide cross section of the Dominican society represented on this board,” the Prime Minister stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit says the board will consist of about sixteen individuals.

“On this board we will have about sixteen members. We are talking about reps from the private sector, representatives from utility companies, we are talking about public officers, we are talking about local airline reps, we are talking about DASPA, reps from the DHTA, DAIC, and other groups within the society,” Prime Minister Skerrit highlighted.

A Chief Executive Officer for the project will also be appointed to ensure the process is being facilitated smoothly. Prime Minister Skerrit spoke of other plans for the construction of the airport.

“We will also be appointing a CEO and of course in that company we will have engineers, we will have an accountant, a financial controller, and other staff that will be required. We will have on site a soil lab, and the idea is to recruit ten or fifteen young Dominicans who can work in this lab and to understudy what is happening to gain experience so that we can get more trained people who can now run our national lab,” Prime Minister Skerrit added.