Government will soon introduce a legislation to make the wearing of masks mandatory.

Attorney General Levi Peter says the masks will be required when using a bus, taxi or any other public transportation, at public buildings, supermarkets, retail and commercial establishments and any other public spaces including beaches.

“The public is urged to comply and actually cooperate. The intention is not for there not to be any wide spread use of enforcement. The hope is that, perhaps as the majority of people have been doing up to now, people recognize the need to wear masks and face coverings for their own personal safety, but also to assist in ensuring and reducing the opportunities to other members of the public,” Peters stated.  

The Government is also taking into consideration legislation which will put in place for large gatherings.

“The requirement there is that there will be a prohibition on any large public gathering, except in relation to religious institutions and schools. A large gathering in this context is defined as a gathering of two hundred or more persons,” the Attorney General explained.