The House of Assembly has authorized for an additional credit facility from the International Development Association for funding of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) health project.

This projects seeks to improve preparedness capacities of health systems for public health emergencies in the OECS region and provide response in the event of eligible crises or emergencies resulting in improved and strengthened public health surveillance and emergency management in Dominica.

With the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, it was necessary to divert these funds to respond to the health emergency created by the pandemic in keeping with terms of the credit agreement.

This credit facility amounting to eight million, three hundred and sixteen thousand EC dollars will have an interest rate of three quarter of one percent per annum, a commitment charge of half of one percent per annum with repayment of fifty semi-annual installments commencing August 15, 2030 with a grace period of ten years.

“Mr. Speaker, the OECS regional health project has four components. Component one: improving health facilities and laboratory capacity which focuses on improving the resilience and capacity of select health facilities and laboratories to provide services to manage a public health emergency including an emerging disease outbreak, extreme weather events or other diseases or disasters,” Dr. McIntyre stated.