This year Dominica celebrates forty two years of independence. As part of the independence celebrations Heritage Week will be highlighted.

Minister for Culture Honourable Roselyn Paul called on all Dominicans to observe Heritage Day 2020. She says it is important to preserve Dominica’s culture.

“We are encouraging all communities to observe Heritage Day. This should be done as a mass highlighting our heritage, which we hope would be mostly in Creole, as the Creole language is one of our very important traditions in Dominica that we need to continue to preserve and promote,” Minister Paul stated.

Minister Paul says heritage day will be celebrated on November 1 in all communities.

“Heritage Day is celebrated on the first in all communities. We are also encouraging our various cultural groups to join with the church communities to really recognize Heritage Day. In Paix Bouche we will be recognizing two people who have been contributed to passing on the various dances. We will also be collaborating with churches and participating in the creole mass and joining with the signing and so,” the Culture Minister stated.

Minister Paul says the Ministry of Culture is placing a lot of emphasis on ensuring that Dominica’s culture is passed on to future generations.

“One of the plans of the Cultural Division is to identify a center in each district where training will be continued. The young people will come to that space and cultural leaders and people with the skills will be passing it on. It has started to a very large extent but it is something to really concretize and so we will be putting a lot of effort. This is something we want to do in terms of the dancing and the folklore,” Honourable Paul explained.

Minister Paul says it is also important to educate the youth about the different traditional uses of Dominica’s plants.

“We have a lot of traditional uses of our plants and this we need to really pass on to our young people, so I was elated when I saw the idea of the herbal teas. I hope the schools who gave the students the herbal teas also told them of the different traditional uses of the various plants that we have. It is very, very extensive and it is really amazing the number of plants that we have and their traditional uses. Soo these are he ways, in terms of research, documentation, training, and development that we see that we can continue to preserve and ensure that we have our young people involved,” the Minister noted.  

Meantime, Minister Paul says the Arawak House of Culture is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

“For the Arawak House of Culture, we hope to complete it at least at the end of the year. All of the equipment, like the chairs and so are here. The contractor has just restarted work. We have done the air conditioning and we have procured all of the equipment. We have also ordered the sound and light so this will be installed. So we hope to complete works at least by December for the Arawak House of Culture,” Honourable Paul stated.

Restoration work is also ongoing at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.

“At the Old Mill, we are repairing the stage. The first phase has been done. There need to be an extension to part of it, and then we have to do the washrooms and dressing rooms at the Back,” Minister Paul added.