The Government of Dominica has recognized the access to internet service as a basic human right.

The Salybia constituency was left with no internet access after the passage of Hurricane Maria. The Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia constituency Honourable Cozier Frederick collaborated with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) to bring internet access to the people of his constituency.

The Constituency of Salybia will benefit from an eight hundred and fifty-three thousand dollar telecommunications project from the NTRC which will provide internet access for all.

The first phase of the project has provided centralized internet access through the provision of free Wi-Fi hot spots to schools, resource centers, village councils and health centers.  

Honourable Frederick says the project is a costly one and one of the limitations to providing internet access to the constituency is due to the topography of the area.

“We have had the intervention by the NTRC, and the NTRC’s intervention is to ensure that we have a Wi-FI network. Work has been done with all of the public buildings, so the schools, the resource center, the village councils, have all been given Wi-Fi. We will proceed with the NTRC to ensure that the back lines and all of the fiber cables are properly installed. But it is an expensive venture, about eight hundred and fifty three thousand dollars. But the NTRC is assisting us with that and I hope in the coming months we can address that particular situation,” Minister Frederick stated.