A multi-purpose sports facility in bath estate is nearing completion.

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency Honourable Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite says the total cost of the facility is over three hundred thousand dollars.

“The total cost for that project will be in the region of three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars, with the first phase costing us about a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars. I think that is good and it augurs well for the development of Bath Estate,” Honourable Hypolite stated.  

The Roseau South MP says the facility will consist of a number of features.

“We have already decided as a community to paint our court in green and yellow because that is the original Bath Estate colors and we are hoping to place an order for the rims. It will be reversible rims with basketball and netball. So that is the intention and then we will look at the third phase where we look at the fencing of the multipurpose facility, lighting as well as washroom facilities and stands,” the Minister noted.

The Parliamentary Representative says the facility will create revenue in the community.

“We are getting some really good reviews from the community, both the young and the old. I think they welcome the project and I believe that it will also create an avenue for economic activities for the people of Bath Estate. Because Bath Estate has a lot of vendors and micro businesses so when we have netball games and when covid is over regional games can be held here and that will augur very well for the community of Bath Estate,” Minister Hypolite added.

Contractor for the multipurpose centre Joel Louisin says the facility will also serve as a recreational ground for all residents in the community.

“This project here, I look at it as stability, bringing the youth together. Seeing that we don’t really have a recreational area in Bath Estate, we need somewhere for our youths to engage in sports and other positive activities. It’s a multipurpose complex so for both male and female it will be a profitable project for the community and Roseau South on a whole,” Louisin stated.