The new Morne Jaune Primary school will be used as a hurricane shelter when completed says Member of Parliament for the Grand Fond Constituency, Honourable Gretta Roberts.

This as a contract for over one million EC dollars was signed for the rehabilitation of the primary school.

The funds for the project are being made available by the Government of Canada and will be administered through the Caribbean Development Bank.

The new school will be a complete concrete structure and will include a fully equipped kitchen, an auditorium, computer lab, and washrooms with shower and toilet facilities.

Honourable Roberts described the village of Morne Jaune as extremely vulnerable to natural disasters because of its location.

“I realize the importance that the Government has continue to place on education. Morne Jaune sits on a hill, beautiful village on a hill, but it is in direct face of the wind. Morne Jaune suffered a lot during the passage of Hurricane Maria, and I was very happy when I realized that we were going to get this building rehabilitated,” the Member of Parliament stated.   

The Member of Parliament says this building will bring a sense of security to the people of Morne Jaune/ as it will be the only climate resilient structure in the village.

“I want the people form the climate Resilience project and the Government of Canada that investing in any resilient building in Morne Jaune is a worthy investment, and I really want to offer thanks to the Government of Canada for granting the Government of Dominica this project,” Honourable Roberts added.