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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Forty single parent families will soon benefit from Government’s Petro Casa Housing Initiative.

Housing Minister Hon. Reginald Austrie in a recent interview with the Government Information Service (GIS) said that the 40 homes built under the initial phase of the programme are now 90% complete.

The houses are located in four communities: Portsmouth, Stockfarm, Grandbay and Trafalgar.

The Minister has confirmed that the houses constructed through Venezuelan assistance should be ready to be officially presented to the recipients by the third week of January.

“The houses are complete. The water lines in most of the areas have been installed and the electrical division is in the process of finalizing arrangements to provide electricity. We are hoping that between now and the next two weeks we can have that completed. We should be ready to hand over those houses to the respective home owners by the middle of January” informed the Minister.

The Housing Minister told GIS news that Government has decided to present the homes to single parent families who are currently experiencing housing issues. The Minister says in doing so Government will take into consideration the economic situation of the beneficiaries in determining if and how they pay for the houses.

“What we are trying to do is to address the issue with single parents. We are taking into consideration the economic situation of these people and their social standing and come up with an arrangement with them by which they could get the houses” he noted.

The Minister said the arrangement will not be a uniformed one.

“It will not be a uniformed arrangement like one size fits all but we have to look at each individual and determine what arrangement we can have with each individual. Maybe it might mean that we have to give a house to an individual for free, you may want to charge a small fee to people who can afford. That is something that we have to work out but it has to be based on the social and economic standing of the individual who is going to receive that house and then we would put a package together for that particular individual” he explained.

Once the initial 40 houses have been handed over plans are to construct similar homes in Castle Bruce.

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