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Thursday, 29 October 2020

The St. Joseph constituency will soon see some major developments to assist the farmers and fisher folk in the various communities.

That’s according to Member of Parliament for the St. Joseph constituency, Honourable Dr. Adis king.

Dr. King says the first major project will be the construction of a farmer and fisher folk market on the land space directly across the playing field in St. Joseph.

“Some of my projects that I have in mind are mainly based on the resources that already exist within each community. For example, in most parts of the communities, we have the farmers; and that is why one of my first projects that I will be engaging in will be the farmers market, which we will be building in St. Joseph. We are already in the advanced stages of the design and we have decided to include also an area for the fisher folk and so we will have storage facilities there as well. We will also have conference facilities because I do believe in ongoing training and skills training for farmers, for our fisher folk and even our fish vendors so they can be better able to bring their business forward. So that is one of the first things you will see coming up in the St. Joseph area,” Dr. King stated.

The St. Joseph MP also announced that a financer has committed to assisting farmers in the community of belles with acquiring a freezer to preserve produce.

“As you know we have a vibrant farmers’ cooperative in Belles and one of the things that they need is a place to process their produce as well as storage. And I am pleased to announce that I do have somebody who is willing to finance at least the freezer; and so they have said to me that they are committed to a US 10,000 dollar freeing facilities for the Belles farmers,” the St. Joseph MP.

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