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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Dominica now has a total of six covid-19 cases. As of September 24, 2020 the total number of confirmed cases is thirty of which twenty four have fully recovered.

 Five of the six active cases are asymptomatic and the other displays with mild symptoms. The age range for the active cases is from two years to fifty nine years with the median age thirty two years.

“The male to female ratio is one. Majority of these cases are imported. A total of eighty-seven have been identified from the community. Only three of the contacts are covid-19 positive and ninety six of them are negative. At this stage the reproductive rate of covid-19 in Dominica is zero. That means there is zero community spread. Consequently we plan to engage in community based screening in order to assess the covid-19 status at the community level,” Dr. McIntyre stated.

The positivity rate in Dominica is point nine six (0.96) percent. This means for every one hundred people tested less than one is positive. The Ministry of Health has also rectified most of the technical issues in regards to pre arrival screenings and the online questionnaire.

“A positivity rate of less than one is the ideal position to be in. it is among the lowest in the world. In regards to the questionnaire, it is much more user friendly. Request notifications are being sent and received on time and the glitches in the system have been rectified,” the Health Minister explained.

Dr. McIntyre also announced that the Ministry has been able to increase its lab capacity, therefore increasing the number of PCR test which can be done per day.

“Pertaining to PCR testing we have increased our lab capacity from twenty five test per day to nearly one hundred per day. We are in the process also of setting up new PCR equipment,” the Minister noted.

The Ministry advises citizens to continue adhering to the Ministry’s protocol with an aim of a collective contribution in keeping Dominica safe from this pandemic.




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