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Thursday, 29 October 2020


Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit led a delegation to the Delices to Petite Savanne road on Thursday September 17. The Delices to Petite Savanne road was closed after the passage of Tropical Storm Erika when the community of Petite Savanne was totally devastated and deemed unsafe by Government.

Government is now undertaking the project to rehabilitate and clear this road to facilitate access between the two communities encouraging trade and farming in that part of the island.

Prime Minister Skerrit says while Government is aware that Petite Savanne is not a place for continued habitation, Government sees the opportunities for continued agricultural practices especially in the bay oil industry.

“We have always maintained that at some point in the future we would give consideration to the reopening of the roadway and that’s what we are doing. We can now drive from Delices all the way Petite Savanne. And we will continue to improve on the access so that persons who like to do their agriculture and engage in that practice can continue to do so,” PM Skerrit stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit says he is very pleased with efforts of the ministry of public works and the digital economy. He also commended the Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine constituency for his role in creating access in that area.

“It looks like the people of Delices are happy about this and they are welcoming it, because it also facilitate them to sell their agricultural produce in Bagatelle and Fond St. Jean and on the Grand Bay side. It will also facilitate the fishermen from The Fond St Jean and Stowe to sell their fish,” he added.

Member of Parliament for the La Plaine constituency, Honourable Kent Edwards, says he pleased that government has allocated finances for the reopening of this road as this will stimulate much needed economic activity in his constituency.

“As Parl Rep for the La Plaine Constituency which includes Delices I am very happy, because being from that part of the island, there is a dead end. So what that road will do is eliminate the dead end that has existed here since Tropical Storm Erika. It will also improve the agricultural exchanges between the people from the south and the south east as it will cut down the amount of time to travel to and from our area for those who choose to use this access,” Honourable Edwards noted.  

Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy, Honourable Cassani Laville, says that the reopening of this road is a major investment by Government especially during this covid-19 pandemic. Minister Laville cautioned the public that the Petite Savanne community is not safe for living and persons should refrain from living in that area.

“I want to make it clear that a few years ago there have studies undertaken in this area, and it was deemed after the geo technical studies that this area was unsafe for inhabitants. We have decided right now, at this point, that we would clear the road, but we want to be clear, that the message is not for people to return to their residences in this area. Simply at this point it is just for access, only for access. This area has been deemed an unsafe area, hence why the people where resettled in the Bellevue area,” the Public Works Minister explained.

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