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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Dominica housing revolution sees another tangible phase this week with the handing over of homes to families in Grand Bay and Jimmit.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Mr. Reginald Severin, says a ceremony for the allocation of thirty residential units in Geneva Grand Bay is carded for Wednesday of this week.

“We see a situation where the individuals that now are benefitting from this housing come from our vulnerable groups. In Grand Bay we are assisting a hundred and thirty eight individuals; thirty homes, thirty families; and out of that 30 families, 138 individuals, we have counted that eighty children, that it is individuals under the age of 16, will be benefitting. So we are definitely addressing one vulnerable group in the Grand Bay area,” Mr. Severin stated.

Meanwhile a ceremony for the allocation of an additional thirty residential units will be held in Jimmit on Friday.

“In Jimmit, we anticipate that around forty three children will be benefiting from these homes out of the hundred and seven beneficiaries that will be receiving the thirty homes in Jimmit. We will be in Jimmit on Friday and we will celebrate with Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore who has taken a very keen interest in the provision of housing response in the constituency of Mahaut, and there we will celebrate,” The Housing PS added.

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