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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training, and National Excellence, Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth has encouraged schools to ensure that time is set aside for proper hand washing.

Mrs. Hyacinth, who was speaking at a recent press conference hosted by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, says Government will be installing facilities to assist schools with hygienic practices.

“We are emphasizing frequent hand washing, and we are encouraging classes, we are encouraging the teachers to provide time within the day, time within periods to allow for students to wash their hands. Even if we have sanitizers, hand washing is encouraged. We are currently in the process of installing facilities for hand washing where limited numbers exist at schools,” PS Hyacinth stated.

The Permanent Secretary says posters depicting safe behaviors were created and distributed to schools to remind students of the necessary protocols.

“We are also encouraging that posters be displayed on the behaviors expected at school. We have produced some five thousand posters on hand washing, how to wear a mask, among others, and we expect all of these to be displayed all around the school,” she explained.

Schools were also urged to ensure that social distancing is practiced in the classrooms.

“We are asking schools to encourage physical distancing in the classrooms.  Before opening schools, we were busy arranging desks so that there is sufficient space between desks; and we expect that one child will be sitting at a desk. Not three; not two, but one child per desk, whether it is a single desk or a double desk. We need one child per desk,” the PS noted.  

Mrs. Hyacinth added that all frequently touched surfaces and frequently used items should be regularly sanitized.

“We expect that schools will be cleaned frequently; and frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, desks, toys, light switches, door frames, play equipment, teaching aids, and covers of books should be sanitized. Although schools will be provided with alcohol and sanitizers, we are encouraging parents to give students their own hand sanitizers or alcohol, so they too can do their own sanitizinf in their areas,” PS Hyacinth added.

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