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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency Honourable Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite in collaboration with the Joseph’s Family Foundation has donated school supplies and masks to schools in her constituency.

The donation was made on Thursday September 10, 2020.

Hon. Hypolite says the donation was made to assist with the need for resources at the Roseau and Newtown Primary School.

“I know that it is also a time when the school would require a lot of resources, and we are here to present school supplies donated to us by Dr. Joseph. She has  a passion for education like myself, and she asked how she could assist us and I said to her very quickly that school was about to open and I need school supplies for my students in the Roseau South Constituency,” Honourable Hypolite.

Hon Hypolite says the contribution is timely and expressed her gratitude to the Joseph’s Foundation for the supplies.

“I want to thank Dr. Joseph from the Joseph Foundation for donating these school supplies to us. And these supplies they came in very timely because we know that around the world, many schools are being closed, many schools have been shut down, and many people are struggling; and to get someone to donate these supplies to us in these trying times it is really commendable,” The Roseau South MP added.

Meantime, Principal of the Newtown Primary School Ms. Anita Williams encouraged the students to appreciate the kind gesture.

“To you the students, I want to tell you that when you receive the supplies, I want you to always remember that you have it your hands in a tangible way, but there are people out there doing everything to make it possible for you. So you have to appreciate what you get,” Ms. Williams noted.

Principal of the Roseau Primary School Ms. Sarah Abraham says the donation of the supplies will be put to immediate use especially for students who are less fortunate. 

“This gift is very timely. The face mask is something we will put to immediate use. Because some of our students, although we say to them that they should have it they are little ones and sometimes they forget, so we always have to give them a new one. The other items are just as important and useful to us and we say thank you very much. We have a few less fortunate student and it will go a long way towards helping them,” Ms. Abraham stated.

President of the Joseph’s Family Foundation Danny Joseph says the foundation will continue to partner with the Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau South Constituency to ensure the student’s academic success.

”Let me say that this is not the first time that we have helped but this is a new avenue that we have chosen because we have identified you Pal Rep Honourable Chekira Hypolite as an aggressive person towards your development, and we have decided to partner with her; and we shall continue to partner with her for the betterment of the children of her constituency and the children of Dominica,” Joseph added.

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