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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Government’s investments in educating the children of the Castle Bruce Constituency have been underscored as significant by the Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Hon. Johnson Drigo.

Hon. Drigo spoke to this when he addressed the nation during his Christmas message.

The MP said much attention has been given to upgrading educational facilities in his constituency.

“We continue to invest in our children. In 2012 we saw upgrade to the Castle Bruce Secondary School. We are currently investing well over one hundred thousand dollars on the Castle Bruce Primary School. Two of our preschools are fully integrated into the Castle Bruce Primary School with two classes being upgraded to meet the requirement of ECD learning centers. Government will continue to assist our students to meet the cost of transportation, uniforms, text books, college tuition, CXC fees as well as the school feeding programme, all in an effort to ensure that no child is left behind” he stated.

With an effective learning environment now in place, the Parliamentary Representative lamented that the onus is now on parents and care givers to apply the appropriate parenting and nurturing skills to their children.

“I say to you the parents and care givers of my constituency, the Castle Bruce Constituency, all of the strategies for an effective learning environment are in place, the challenge is how to apply the appropriate parenting and nurturing skills to your children. The ideas of transforming our communities by holistically educating our people must remain our core principle, our Government understands that and continues to invest heavily on our behalf, let’s make the best use of these opportunities.”

Hon. Drigo also revealed that since 2010 over 20students from his constituency have been enrolled in or travelled to universities overseas to pursue degrees in a number of fields. He said most of them received full scholarships while others were partially sponsored by the Government of Dominica.

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