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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Member of Parliament for the Roseau Central constituency, Honourable Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, says she has stuck with her constituents throughout this covid-19 pandemic.

Honourable Skerrit says she is happy to serve the people of the Roseau Central constituency and has provided her constituents with care packages during this pandemic.

“During the pandemic we focused mainly on providing families with care packages ad we distributed packages to every household in Roseau and this included Agricultural produce, food items, even fresh fish. This is an initiative that went on for quite a few months,” Honourable Skerrit stated.

The Member of Parliament says young people and children in her constituency will be provided with electronic devices thanks to the Government of Dominica.

“This month you will see that our college students and our high school students will receive free laptops thanks to the Government. I know that students heard about it and they are very excited as it will aid in helping them do their research, and as we go into zoom online classes right now. So we have a lot of really exciting programs and initiatives for Roseau Central,” she explained.

High on the cards for Government is housing in the Roseau Central constituency. Government has plans to construct apartments for the Roseau constituents. The land has already been identified in pound and work should commence shortly.

“With this program, multiple people are employed under the housing program. You will start to see the transformation of Roseau because as we develop residential Roseau, we are also developing commercial Roseau. With commercial Roseau, we’ve seen lately we have given out the sixteen keys for the sixteen kiosks; ten on the Roseau River Promenade and six on Charles Avenue. And so this is sixteen new entrepreneurs who will start a new business. We also have a free public restrooms and the first set you will find on the River Promenade and this is something that we are going to further develop, having public restrooms in strategic locations across Roseau by the bus stops, maybe along the carnival route and so it would be a lot easier for mothers who come from the rural areas who have children, or pregnant women, they know that they would have access to a restroom facility,” the Member of Parliament stated.

Honourable Skerrit says the Roseau Enhancement Programme will make doing business in the city much easier. This in turn will encourage more small and medium sized businesses in the city. The Member of Parliament says she is grateful to the Government of Dominica for making money available at the aid bank for entrepreneurs.

“One of the main issues that business owners face is the access to financing and this is a major challenge. And this Government has been able to put this program in place, and set aside the thirty million towards small business owners at a very low rate of one percent, which I’ve never seen anywhere else in the Caribbean. So this is something that many of them have been able to take advantage of. We also have the issue import duty and VAT which is a big help, especially for those who are in the agro processing; that is for the labelling packaging and also for the small machinery and equipment,” she added.







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