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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Government of Dominica has partnered with the Montreal Management Consultant Establishment (MMCE) over the years providing resilient homes to the people of Dominica.

The Government has taken the decision to use only locally built furniture.

Project Manager for the Montreal Management Consultant Establishment, (MMCE) Christopher Timmins says that the furniture designs are modern.

“They are very much designed for the 21st century. They are very much designed for modern open plan living. So when we are picking designs, we are picking for neutral color schemes, we are picking for modern materials; we are picking designs which will blend in whether we are 25 or whether are 75, whether you have furniture inherited from your grandmother or whether you have just gotten down to buying the latest thing. So therefore we have to be fairly neutral in our taste,” Mr. Timmins stated.   

He stressed to the local manufactures that only good quality materials will be accepted.

“All the materials we want has got to be good quality. We are going for high impact laminar on the doors; the kitchen carcasing that has got to be of a water resistant material; we want the concealed hinges, we want soft closes on all of the doors,” the project manager explained.

Mr. Timmins says that big contracts requires a timely delivery to ensure that other projects will not delay the finishing touches of the houses.

“If they are held up because the kitchen manufactures haven’t delivered on time, which leads to the electrician being held up and the plumbers held up, and the tiling held up. So when we commit, we really need an honest commitment that you can deliver on that time. I would rather deal with twenty suppliers who can get me twn kitchens each rather than five suppliers who promise 40 kitchens each and they fail to deliver,” Mr. Timmins noted.

The project manager explains that standardization is key and expects nothing less upon delivery.

“I can’t be building new residences for people where one person has a slightly different kitchen from another, and then they get upset because they perceive one kitchen is better than the other. So they all have to be the same,” Mr. Timmins added.

Mr. Timmins advises all furniture manufacturers to register their interests and benefit from this opportunity.


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